The Pivot Principle

November 16, 2019: I was two weeks into my new obsession with the Days of our Lives time jump story. It was soapy, sudsy awesomeness: Why is Sonny so sad? Why is Justin kissing Kayla? How did Adrienne die? Why is JJ on drugs? His girlfriend died?! WTF is Xander about? WHY IS WILL IN JAIL. WHY IS HE CELL MATES WITH THE GUY WHO MURDERED HIM A FEW YEARS AGO. Where’d that baby come from? What happened to the other baby? Kristen’s a nun? Why is Ciara a super sleuth? He’s the father of the alive baby and doesn’t know it, but she knows? Gabi is CEO!

It was such a blast because it was the perfect distraction from the sadness, and the rest of my life.

Generation X is well settled in to its midlife crisis, and so was I. My job depressed me. I was overweight and eating terribly. Worst of all, my writing was beyond stagnant. I fancy myself a scifi/fantasy writer (time travel’s my thing) and I hadn’t written much beyond a few short story drafts in a couple of years. Crappy job, crappy health, no creativity, and incredibly stuck. I wanted to change but I’d get paralyzed and overwhelmed and do nothing. So I threw myself into DAYS! Way more fun than throwing myself into me.

Back to November 16, 2019: As I wrote in my last entry, I was scouring the internet for DAYS spoilers. I found myself on Freddie and Alyssa’s YouTube page and stumbled on their audiobook The Pivot Principle. I clicked on “Chapter 10; Pivot Your Health.”

Both Alyssa and Freddie narrate the chapter but Freddie’s part got me. He talks about his issues with weight with a frankness and vulnerability that is brave and heartfelt. His quest for balance after following several “meal lifestyles” (I love this term) really got to me. He suggests writing out your goals and a detailed description of the outcome you want. Get specific about how to achieve them, and figure out your “why”.

I’d written out goals, but I’d never really thought about the details to achieve them. My goals are more like, “lose 30 lbs” or “exercise”, but I didn’t ever write down “log food every day” or “30 minutes of cardio 4 times a week.” I made a mental note to try it sometime soon, and moved on to “Introduction.”

There are a handful of times in my life when I’ve had an A-ha moment. When I recognize a truth that I feel in my heart and soul, this wave of tingles sweeps over my whole body. It’s how I know I’ve learned something important and I’m permanently changed. This happened to me when I heard Alyssa say at 2:42, “The magic you’re looking for is in the work you’re avoiding.”

The truth of her words literally changed me, right in that moment. My heart dropped. The tingles spread all over me. I had to catch my breath! How could someone so young be so wise? Alyssa and Freddie had an understanding of our world that eluded me.

I was ready to learn.

I grabbed my journal and started writing out my goals, and all the steps to achieve them.

Not just health/weight goals, but my career and my creative writing, too. It took several pages. I felt amazing when I finished. What else could I learn from the millennials?

Letting the DAYS go by…

A bit of backstory on my journey to millennial-palooza:

I started watching Days of our Lives in college thanks to my roommate who was obsessed with Patch and Kayla. I’m a sporadic viewer. Every few months or so I catch up on a couple of recap blogs and tune in when something interesting is going on.

The time jump was one of those interesting things.

OMG, it was amazing. AMAZING! On Friday (11/05/2019) Jennifer Horton slipped into a coma after being pushed off a balcony by her cousin Hope, whose evil alter ego Princess Gina had recently taken over. On Monday (11/08/2019) Jennifer woke from the coma, to find a whole year had passed. For all of us! Super sudsy drama and angst, and so many questions painstakingly answered in tiny morsels over weeks. It was exactly what I needed. I worked for a news organization, and onslaught of Breaking News was starting to break me.

I went from casual viewer to all in. I watched DAYS every day. I scoured the internet: you name it, I found it! (DAYS fans are the most devoted fans in the world. They take care of their ships!) But I needed spoilers. I started following as many DAYS actors on social media as I could, hoping they’d give up something, any sort of clue.

I found myself on Freddie Smith’s Instagram. Freddie plays Sonny on DAYS, half of the fantastic supercouple Will and Sonny (#WilSon).

Freddie does much more than act on DAYS. He and his fiancee, Alyssa, have a lot going on. She runs a lifestyle blog for millennial women. They have a podcast. They create loads of content. And they also published a self-help audiobook for millennials: The Pivot Principle.

ding-ding-ding! I found my millennial mentors! I just didn’t know it yet.

Aren’t they adorable? Baby bunnies fall out of their pockets to help them with chores. It’s true!