Well? How did I get here?

I’m stuck. Generation X is the Jan Brady of generations. The baby boomers won’t give up their power. The millennials are so angry they are leapfrogging over us to shove the boomers aside. Generation X brags about not dressing like adults and still having good taste in music. No wonder CBS left us off of that infographic.

Vintage Dr. Martens. Yep, they're mine.
Vintage Dr. Martens. Yep, they’re mine.

This is not for me. I can’t shrug my shoulders and “whatever” my life away.

If Generation X is, indeed, fading from the cultural landscape, we can either be absorbed into the baby boomers or jump in with the millennials. My parents are baby boomers, so the choice is clear.

Join me as I pivot my entire life to follow the millennials.