In A Land Far Away is 99 CENTS!

We dropped the price for a limited time from $2.99 via Kindle to a mere 99 cents!


In A Land Far Away on sale now!

My writing group has done it again! Check out our latest collection of short stories, now available on Amazon. While our previous collection was 6 short stories about time travel, In A Land Far Away is 12 fairy tales, twisted up for adult tastes. All profits from both books are donated to the excellent Doctors Without Borders.

When my writing group decides on a genre, it’s a democratic decision. I admit I wrinkled my nose plenty at the thought of writing fairy tales, but I was outvoted – 5 to 1, so I unwrinkled my nose and got on board. And wouldn’t you know it? Writing The Land of Dreams, turned out to be  one of the most satisfying, magical experiences I’ve ever had.

So learn vicariously from me, kids: try new things. It’ll either be a great experience, or a great story for parties.

Out of Time crosses 2,000!

We’ve sold over 2,000 copies of Out of Time, a collection of short stories about time travel! Our Amazon rating is 4.3! It’s only 99 cents! All profits go to Doctors Without Borders! I’m so proud. Many thanks to those of you who have purchased it.

If you’d like to learn more about it, click on the My Amazon Page tab above.