Letting the DAYS Go By

Well? How did I get here?

It started with the soap opera Days of our Lives.

I’ve been a casual viewer since college. My roommate was a  huge fan of the show thanks to her mom, so I got into it from her. But I didn’t stick with the show until I started a new job in Atlanta during the Salem Stalker storyline – a guy I worked with was hopelessly addicted and would call his mom after every episode to dissect every minutia. I liked how excited they got about it together. So I’d check in every few months via summary blogs (www.dayscafe.com) and would tune in for the interesting bits (Sonny’s and Will’s wedding, first ever gay men’s wedding in daytime).

FYI, my ships are Jack and Jennifer #JnJ and Will and Sonny #WilSon.

Last November, I was working at a news organization and a mildly interesting piece about all of the DAYS actors being let go from their contracts came through. And the show was up for renewal of their 56th season. And there was a huge publicity stunt airing too: DAYS was jumping ahead a full year. I was like, what the hell is going on with my soap?

Friday, November 5, 2019: #JnJ had just remarried after being apart for YEARS for many sudsy reasons, most recently Jack’s death-come-back-to-life-with-amnesia. She was snooping around a hotel room and found a flash drive. Her cousin, Hope, was injected with something by Dr. Rolf to turn her into her alter ego, Princess Gina, and Hope/Gina wasn’t having any of Jennifer’s nonsense. So she pushed Jennifer off of the hotel room balcony, SPLAT, right in front of Jack and their son JJ! Jennifer had surgery and slipped into a coma.

Monday, November 8, 2019: Jen woke up from her coma. There was Jack at her side. He told her she’d been in a coma for a full year. The viewers followed Jennifer as she learned about what happened during the year she slept through.

It was effing brilliant. I spent that week shouting “WHAT!” every few minutes at my iPad.

  • The DAYS time jump turned me from a casual viewer to ALL IN.
  • I scoured the internet for anything I could find to catch up. DAYS fans RULE, they have everything and everyone covered!
  • For the first time, I started following DAYS celebrities on twitter and insta, hoping for spoilers.
  • I found Freddie Smith’s insta/twitter/YouTube (Sonny of #WilSon)
  • He and his fiancée, Alyssa, do a lot more than just “be celebrities.” They work hard, they hustle. I listened to the intro of their audiobook, The Pivot Principle.
  • Alyssa said, “The magic you’re looking for is in the work you’re avoiding.” I felt like I’d been slapped in the face. I tweeted about it and tagged her in the tweet to thank her and SHE LIKED MY TWEET.
  • “Pivoting” resonated with me. I was in the right place at the right time for it. My life changed right then: November 16, 2019.
  • I couldn’t believe how these millennials had so much wisdom. They’ve been through a lot in their young lives, drama that could rival any sudser: a horrible car accident, potential jail time, significant money stolen by a professional con artist, on and on, these poor kids, and they came through it with happy, positive, upbeat attitudes anting to help others.
  • F&A are so cute. I bet baby bunnies fall out of their pockets and help them with their housework.
  • They inspired me to seek the wisdom of other millennials.

From Gen-X to Millennial

I’m sharing my journey as I pivot from the Generation X mindset to, “What would a millennial do?” When I need advice or guidance, I check out the 30-somethings and follow their lead.