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I love love! Check out the Campfires and Color Wars podcast, where my man and I share how we met as kids at summer camp. And this article in the AJC in 2012. And this follow-up in 2017. And this article by the Associated Press in 2020. (Are we trying to cash in on our love story? Yes. Yes we are.)


Millennials. Lovers of avocado toast. Creators of the selfie. Haters of their current financial prospects.

Generation X is the Jan Brady of generations. Baby boomers won’t give up their power. Millennials are so angry they’re leapfrogging over us to force the boomers aside. Generation X brags about not dressing like adults and still having good taste in music. No wonder CBS left us off:

I can’t shrug my shoulders and “whatever” my life away. I’m stuck, and I’ve been stuck for far too long. If Generation X is, indeed, fading from the cultural landscape, we can either be absorbed into the baby boomers or jump in with the millennials.

Come with me as I pivot my entire life to follow the millennials lead.