Long Distance Longing (a 99-word short story)

1989. If I mail my letter priority mail, it’ll take, let’s see, 8 days to get to Adelaide. Then he’s got to read it and write back. Let’s say that takes him 4 days the earliest, then another 8 days back to me in New York. That’s 20 days. Almost three. Whole. Weeks! I am totally going to DIE! When are they inventing video phones so we can, like, see each other? Or those transporters in Star Trek so we can visit? It’s so unfair! I’m totally moving to Australia when I’m 18. My life is the. Worst. Ever!


I’m entering another Flash Fiction Challenge at the Carrot Ranch! The challenge: write a story about distance dating. This is right up my alley. In high school, I was completely besotted with an Australian exchange student. He was only at our school for a month so we became pen pals. Then the longing set in. Torture! We finally dated during my senior year of college. We remain friends to this day. This is for him!

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