Letting the DAYS go by…

A bit of backstory on my journey to millennial-palooza:

I started watching Days of our Lives in college thanks to my roommate who was obsessed with Patch and Kayla. I’m a sporadic viewer. Every few months or so I catch up on a couple of recap blogs and tune in when something interesting is going on.

The time jump was one of those interesting things.

OMG, it was amazing. AMAZING! On Friday (11/05/2019) Jennifer Horton slipped into a coma after being pushed off a balcony by her cousin Hope, whose evil alter ego Princess Gina had recently taken over. On Monday (11/08/2019) Jennifer woke from the coma, to find a whole year had passed. For all of us! Super sudsy drama and angst, and so many questions painstakingly answered in tiny morsels over weeks. It was exactly what I needed. I worked for a news organization, and onslaught of Breaking News was starting to break me.

I went from casual viewer to all in. I watched DAYS every day. I scoured the internet: you name it, I found it! (DAYS fans are the most devoted fans in the world. They take care of their ships!) But I needed spoilers. I started following as many DAYS actors on social media as I could, hoping they’d give up something, any sort of clue.

I found myself on Freddie Smith’s Instagram. Freddie plays Sonny on DAYS, half of the fantastic supercouple Will and Sonny (#WilSon).

Freddie does much more than act on DAYS. He and his fiancee, Alyssa, have a lot going on. She runs a lifestyle blog for millennial women. They have a podcast. They create loads of content. And they also published a self-help audiobook for millennials: The Pivot Principle.

ding-ding-ding! I found my millennial mentors! I just didn’t know it yet.

Aren’t they adorable? Baby bunnies fall out of their pockets to help them with chores. It’s true!

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